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 The ZenAF Wellness Planner is like having your own, personal success coach! Start and end your day with the best tool to help you prioritize your self-care on your ambitious journey

Hey Ambitious Babe...

My name is Julia and I am a Holistic Business + Mindset Coach and Mind + Body Expert!

I used to be someone in a very toxic work environment. I always knew I was meant for more, but I never felt like I had enough time, or energy and I lacked the focus to follow-through on anything.

I was always waiting for "the right time" to take action and I was never sure of what steps to even take.


After doing the work consistently and prioritizing myself over others and day-to-day situations, I went on to build my own dream life and business.

And especially now as a new mom of two beautiful baby girls, I have learned that priming myself for the world is the one thing I could control and it allowed me to be valuable to every situation life through my way and also to the people in my life that I valued as well.

As an ambitious, busy momma, wife and entrepreneur I realized that putting myself first was not only the most selfless thing I could do, but it also was the driving force to up-leveling my life and business.

It is my mission to help thousands of ambitious, busy women LIKE YOU truly be the #1 asset in your life and business by helping you create better habits and achieve your goals using my signature method!

Here's the deal

what makes
this planner

Here's the deal
  • Bonus Resources. Get affirmations, meditations, journal prompts and workshops. PLUS access to a private community of ambitious women.
  • Signature Method. The Zen Hot Wellness Method is designed to help you create better and habits and achieve goals without the negative emotions. This planner is designed to walk you through how to create your wellness rituals that will allow you to show up as your best self every day and in every way with morning, night and even mid-day routines.
  • 90 Day Goal Setting. Set quarterly wellness and personal goals using our signature Zen Hot Wellness Method based on NLP and mindfulness principles so you can create long-lasting transformation on an identity basis
  • Monthly, Weekly & Daily Pages. Organize your goals, rituals, notes and personal schedule with a thought-out flow between your monthly, weekly and daily views.
  • Reflection & Journal Pages. Take time to reflect and also set intentions to make sure your wellness routine is working for you in order to maximize your results.

Happy Zenhotties

About Julia

Hey Zenhottie!

After graduating from college with a Bachelor's degree in International Business & Finance I embarked on my own personal wellness journey. 

For over 10 years I have studied self-development, mindfulness & meditation, Inferno Pilates - group fitness, postpartum corrective exercise, Reiki level 2, Kabbalah level 2, NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, TIME technique, Ziva meditation technique, Human design level 1, Life & Success Coaching. 

Maybe we haven't met, but if you're reading this I'm willing to bet we have a lot in common Zenhottie. That's why I'm so passionate about sharing tools for your ambitious, busy journey that will keep you vibin' as your best self, because if there's something I know for sure it's that YOU are your most valuable asset in life and in your business . 

My work allows you to slow down so you can go faster. It allows you to enjoy the journey and the process along the way so you not only get the results and success you want out of life, but also the joy and fulfillment (which is what truly matters).

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