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My name is

I'm a certified Mindset Coach and Wellness Expert for ambitious women entrepreneurs who want to build a thriving life and business.

Because I get it....

You're a born leader and ready to figure it all out on your own. You know you're smart, resourceful and you can get sh*t done, but doing it all can get a little overwhelming and your negative thoughts and emotions can often kick in and slow you down.

I see this so often! I know you value your time and energy so you don't do 'stuck' and you simply need the support to get you there faster. 

I help my clients get amazing results by helping them build their belief so they can build their business and create the impact they desire. I help them prioritize their self-care and develop the skills to manage their emotions, create more awareness and make better decisions. Because success is important, but happiness along the way is true fulfillment.

Build a
business and journey you
REALLY love!

Entrepreneurship is a creative industry and one of the most challenging self-development journey's you'll ever undertake.

It's not just about strategies and funnels. It is about creating a business and lifestyle that you love and want to jump out of bed for every day, because your passion runs through your veins!

This is what I help ambitious women like you achieve. With the ZenAF Hustle method we set up a solid foundation for your business by focusing on your mindset and wellness so you can respond to life as your best self versus reacting to it and achieve the success you desire. 

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1:1 Mentoring. This is for you if you crave high-touch, high-level support to achieve your goals in your business while you create the up-leveled, sustainable lifestyle as well. This bespoke 6 month experience includes a focus on mindset, wellness, alignment and embodiment.

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90min Next-Level Intensive. This is for you if you are at not ready for a long-term commitment, but crave a high-touch container. You will experience a personalized mindset session that will leave with a new level of momentum and clarity. Experience the breakthrough that will give you the confidence you need to reach your next level.

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Digital Wellness+Mindset Group Program. Step into your power! My Power-Through Series' is digital wellness experience that helps ambitious, busy women like yourself create more time, energy & clarity so you can step into your power & be your best self everyday in every way by combining fitness & nutrition with mindset coaching & mindfulness tools. 

Because if you have the desire to be your BEST, then you have the POWER to achieve it

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Get ZenAF with the #one Self-Care Tool

The ZenAF Wellness Planner is like having your own, personal success coach! Start and end your day with the best tool to help you prioritize your self-care on your ambitious journey

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