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Are You Ready to Become The #1 Asset in Your Life + Business?

How would it benefit your LIFE + BUSINESS if you could establish habits and a routine that helped you be in a constant state of YOUR BEST SELF?

Imagine BEING more patient, more creative, more present, less reactive, having more clarity, better awareness and more satisfaction with your current state.

Imagine EMBODYING all of your desires and BEING the person who achieves their goals and consciously creates their DREAM life.

Well, Zenhottie...


And I am going to show you HOW.

In my 3-Day ZenAF Challenge I am going to show you how to create better habits and achieve your goals while you prioritize your self-care so you can start to up-level your life and business.

Why self-care?

Because you are your most VALUABLE asset! 


And I will show you how putting yourself first is the most powerful thing you can do for your life and business

Are you ready to be ZenAF?

Make me ZenAF

Hey Zenhottie...

My name is Julia and I am a Holistic Business + Mindset Coach and Mind + Body Expert!
I used to be someone in a very toxic work environment. I always knew I was meant for more, but I never felt like I had enough time, or energy and I lacked the focus to follow-through on anything.

I was always waiting for "the right time" to take action and I was never sure of what steps to even take.

After doing the work consistently and prioritizing myself over others and day-to-day situations, I went on to build my own dream life and business.

I have learned that priming myself for the world is the one thing I could control (even as a new mom of 2) and it allowed me to be valuable to every situation life threw my way and also to the people in my life that I valued as well.

As an ambitious, busy momma, wife and entrepreneur I realized that putting myself first was not only the most selfless thing I could do, but it also was the driving force in achieving my desires.

It is my mission to help thousands of ambitious, busy women truly be the #1 asset in their life and business. Because by now, you know that when you are stressed and worried; or you feel overwhelmed and are lacking energy - you are reacting to life versus creating to it!

Join me and the other Zenhotties for this 3-Day Challenge and get ZenAF.


Want to know the Detsss?

  • This challenge will consist of pre-recorded videos and worksheets to help you get clear on your goals and wellness process. Followed my LIVE Q&A's in the private group!
  • You will also get to experience two pre-recorded Virtual Zen Hot Pilates classes.
  • All material will be available in one place and will be yours to keep forever!
  • BONUS: Get my Midday Power Routine PDF
  • GIVEAWAYS: Sign up to take part in a chance to win some juicy thangs

Day 1


Plus pre-recorded ZenHot Workout


Day 2


Plus pre-recorded ZenHot Workout

 LIVE Q+A Call

Day 3


Plus Q+A


Once these 3-days are over you will have gained amazing clarity and will have created powerful momentum towards your goals


You will have connected with other awesome ambitious babes on a mission to do the same. So your next wellness bestie might already be waiting for you inside our private group.

So Zenhottie....

Are you ready to get ZenAF?

Join me and the rest of the Zenhottie gang in this 3-Day Challenge so you can stop feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed and you can start living each day with more energy, more control and more clarity so you can up-level your life and business and feel ZenAF doing it! 


Is This For You?


This IS for you if....

☑️You are ready to take your power back and gain control of your actions so you can make sh*t happen

☑️You are having trouble finding the harmony between feeling Zen and your passionate Hustle

☑️You are tired of being on an emotional rollercoaster both in life + business, letting every situation throw you

☑️Yo feel like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall when it comes to setting goals and achieving them

☑️You want a proven method that helps you create better habits

☑️You feel overwhelmed at the thought of having to "do it all"

☑️You feel frustrated because you are doing all the things,  but something is missing

☑️You want to close the gap to your next-level NOW

☑️You know you deserve to feel hotAF and zenAF but are having trouble establishing a routine 

☑️You want to see results but are having trouble staying consistent

☑️You don't think you have the time self-care but know it would be a game changer for you to establish one

☑️You want more clarity in your life but feel stuck often

☑️You are ready to invest into being your best-self

This is NOT for you if...

🚫you want a quick fix 

🚫you are not willing to commit to a practice 

🚫you don't want to show up for yourself 

🚫You don't want to up-level in you life and business

🚫You don't believe in the value of a wellness routine and self-care

🚫you are not looking to connect with other ambitious, busy women on a mission to be their best selves this year!


About Julia

Creator + Coach

After graduating from college with a Bachelor's degree in International Business & Finance I embarked on my own personal wellness journey. 

For over 10 years I have studied self-development, mindfulness & meditation, Inferno Pilates - group fitness, postpartum corrective exercise, Reiki level 2, Kabbalah level 2, NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, TIME technique, Ziva meditation technique, Life & Success Coaching. 

Maybe we haven't met, but if you're reading this I'm willing to bet we have a lot in common Zenhottie. That's why I'm so passionate about sharing tools for your ambitious, busy journey that will keep you vibin' as your best self, because if there's something I know for sure it's that YOU are your most valuable asset in life and in your business . 

My work allows you to slow down so you can go faster. It allows you to enjoy the journey and the process along the way so you not only get the results and success you want out of life, but also the joy and fulfillment (which is what truly matters).