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Are you ready?

The Power-Through Series subscription is 1 year access to three, 10-week digital wellness experiences that helps ambitious, busy women like yourself create more time, energy & clarity so you can step into your power & be your best self everyday in every way by combining fitness & nutrition with mindset coaching & mindfulness tools. 

Because if you have the desire to be your BEST, then you have the POWER to achieve it

Are you ready?




Welcome to
the beginning of your new wellness journey. I'm beyond honored to be on this ride with you.
Zen Hot is a high-vibe, mind+body method to create life-long transformation by establishing a consistent practice using fitness & mindfulness tools

imagine if...

Take a moment
  • You had more time to focus on the important things?
  • You had more energy & motivation to actually do the things you love?
  • You had more confidence to show up powerfully in your life & business?
  • You actually enjoyed working-out & eating healthy?
  • You had more clarity & creativity to create more money & opportunity in your life & business?
  • You loved your body & mind and everything they are capable of?

The Power-Through Series is a digital, 10-week self-development program that gives your mind, body and self EVERYTHING it needs for your holistic wellness routine. It combines fitness & nutrition with mindset coaching & mindfulness tools and is designed to help you step into your power so you can get your goals to start matching your actions & create long-lasting transformation from the inside out. These series are made for high-vibe, high-level, ambitious women on a mission to be their best self everyday & in every way. Get 1 year access to all three!

the person
the program

As a busy momma & wife and ambitious entrepreneur, I understand it can be difficult to find the time and energy for yourself. And after having my daughter I wasn't confident I knew who I was anymore and I definitely wondered how I "would do it all" now.

Stuck at home with a newborn and struggling with postpartum anxiety I relied on certain tools to get me through that difficult time. 

After realizing group fitness classes were too time consuming and the workout apps were un-motivating, I decided I had two choices:

Either donate everything in my closet and buy myself some infamous mom jeans...or...Learn to love my at-home workouts.

I decided to use the tools I loved and have proven to work. I created a program with my own workouts that were progressive and made me feel good.

By the end of those 9 weeks I not only looked like myself again, but I also felt like a more powerful version.

I realized how strong I truly was and most importantly, I proved that I could be a good mom & wife, and build a successful business while I prioritize my self-care. 

Fast-forward weeks later we were hit with a global pandemic and suddenly it seemed like everyone was going through a similar experience as I had.

That's when the Power-Through Series' were born. I knew I had the tools to help others not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. So I put them all together in this program in order to help others achieve the life-long transformation they desired.


Here's the deal

what makes
this program

Here's the deal
  • FOLLOW-ALONG WORKOUTS. Get full-length workouts with real-time proper form explanation, breathe cues and modifications. Just hit play and follow-along. I'm in this with you!
  • NO FLUFF MINDSET WORK. "Just Do It" is a great slogan, but uses up a lot of willpower energy. Instead, make it onto your mat every time by changing on an identity level with real mindset work from a certified coach.
  • NO DIETS OR GENERIC MEAL PLANS. Nutrition is personal and diets are unsustainable. Learn how to properly fuel your body and get meal ideas made by a certified holistic nutritionist. Use mindfulness to implement new habits and avoid the feelings of failure and restriction.
  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA. I know you're busy and I appreciate that you don't want another distraction.  I chose a platform that will be your go-to place for support, fun and high-vibes that is easily accessible via our app.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY & SUPPORT...but like, actually. Get direct access to me through our private Momentum Membership that is designed to jumpstart your success with monthly group call check-ins (1 year included).
  • TRUE TRANSFORMATION. This is not about filling up before & after pages with temporary results. This is about changing your life and how you view yourself. That's the only things that matters to me. And if that means a killer before & after photo then I'm here for it. You deserve to have whatever you want!
  • FULL YEAR ACCESS. I'm confident in your commitment to yourself & the support you'll get along the way. Life happens & everything will be here when you're ready to start again - no guilt, no pressure just pure motivation & discipline.
  • SHARE & GET PAID. Here's the thing... I'm on a mission! I want thousands of ambitious babes to become the #1 asset in their life and business. And let's be honest, these journey's are better with a friend. So earn money when they use your custom link!

I know what you're thinking... You're an ambitious, busy woman and you can't imagine adding anything more to your plate; EXCEPT this program was designed with YOU in mind. Because I understand that YOU are your #1 most valuable asset to your life & business. Let me show you that by prioritizing your wellness routine it will allow you MORE time, energy and clarity to optimize what you are already doing and allow you to respond as your best self versus reacting to life and receive more while actually doing less.

every series


Success Week

  • Filled with easy to consume content that will make your wellness goals non-negotiable & help you develop an unstoppable mindset.
  • (Value = $1,000)


  • 10 weeks of progressive, high-vibe. HIIt Pilates workouts to burn hundreds of calories, build endurance, feel empowered, strong & ZenAF so you can vibe-high all day.
  • Equipment and number of workouts depends on series*
  • BONUS library of 20+ on-demand workouts

(Value = $350)



  • Easy to follow nutrition guide to learn how to fuel & nourish your body so you can reduce the confusion & overwhelm and build better habits effortlessly and implemented mindfully.
  • BONUS 7-Day meal plan so you know exactly what your meals should look like. Both created by certified holistic nutritionist 

(Value = $500)


Mindset Coaching

  • Easy to consume content to help you develop an unstoppable mindset 
  • Mindset focus depends on series*
  • (Value = $700)
Coaching & Community

Momentum Group

  • 1 year access to monthly Live group coaching, support & accountability along the way so you can create the momentum toward long-lasting transformation that you desire, both body + mind
  • Private community of other high- vibe, ambitious babes so you can continue to make your SELF a priority.
  • BONUS 4-Week digital ZenAF Wellness planner to keep you organized and on track with my signature method

(Value = $priceless)

Get Access to...

client stories

The MENTAL benefits of Zen Hot pilates is what I love most!!

Julia has a way with words and knows just what to say and just the right time!  There’s a feel good high I get from her workouts & meditations that I don’t get anywhere else and I can’t sit and meditate alone! Zen Hot Pilates is how I make the time!”

Alex M. Toronto ON

It reminded me to think about myself.

 I am a mother of 4, I work on call and have a small business. In the beginning I thought to myself there is no way I will be able to stay on track with this series but let me tell you i did! Julia motivated me to continue. I enjoyed this series so much the exercise, music and the mindful moment at the end (actually my favorite. It’s the only time I can really relax) thank you so much Julia it was amazing!

Marissa L Brentwood CA

The impact on my life was Positive!

Not just physically but mentally as well! I already feel happier with myself just imagine how I can feel after another 3 weeks and another and another!

Sena T. Toronto ON

this program is
perfect for you if...

Your theme song is Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys and you would love more energy to sustain your hustle

You want to reduce stress, anxiety and feel ZenAF everyday so you don't lose your sh*t on people

You're already in a mastermind with your biz besties, but want to connect with other high-vibe women prioritizing their self-care & wellness

You would love to have better eating habits, but you don't want to become a nutritionist or have food consume your life

You think you don't have enough time in your day to prioritize your self-care, but you know it would be a game-changer!

You want the benefits of mindfulness & meditation, but don't have a consistent practice

You've heard every boss babe influencer say how mindset & self-care were the fuel to their success, but you have no idea where to start

You're tired of "giving up carbs" & feeling guilty for taking a rest day

You eat well & workout, but don't understand why you still feel burnt out

You're sick of buying workout programs you don't end up using & just use up your storage space

You're tired of feeling like you're the last on your priority list & you're not doing any of 'it' right

You want to feel better, look better and do better!

client stories

Before the series I felt very sluggish and not so great about myself! This series definitely helped me jump start my fitness journey and life journey in general

I more mindful with what I eat and working towards being more mindful with my mindset. Not where I want to be just yet but this is the beginning of a beautiful love story with myself

Sabrina R. Toronto CA

The first time attending Juelz’ hot Pilates class changed my life!

I was super active growing up, but when I moved to the city I couldn’t find a workout routine I enjoyed until Zen Hot Pilates I love how it is low impact workout but also involves HIIT to get those endorphins flowing! I would look forward to attending these classes weekly with the Zenhottie crew!

Britt N. Toronto ON

I felt accomplished and seen for all the effort I put in just to make it there onto the mat and committing to the scheduled work outs!

I love the breathing to start the session and the meditation at the end. Thanks Julia for the care and effort you take to hold us accountable to ourselves! I cant wait for the next series!

Natalie P. Toronto ON

Get Access to All Series


This series is for you if you want to learn how to determine your limiting beliefs & rewrite them so you can achieve success with your goals

Workouts: Nine 45-60mins (3 per week)

Equipment: No equipment needed


Power-Through STRONGER1.0

This series is for you if you want to learn how to tap into the energy created on your mat so you can create and life the live of your dreams off of your mat

Workouts: Nine 45-60mins (3 per week)

Equipment: Hand-weights and resistance bands


This series is for you if you want to learn how to create unstoppable confidence within yourself so you can show up powerfully in your life

Workouts: Fifteen 30-45mins (5 per week)

Equipment: Ankle weights, resistance bands and gliders

Yes let's Do this!

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One-time payment of $288

Get 1 year access to all three Power-Through Series. In just weeks your mind, body and life could look completely different.
Are you ready??

Payment Plan
Two monthly payments $150

Same same
, but this option
might support you better.
Are you ready??


What kind of workout is it?

Zen Hot Pilates is a unique, fun & challenging, full-body workout. It is high-impact on your life and low-impact on your joints. It combines the perfect mix of high-intensity and mindfulness for all fitness levels. With little to no equipment that strengthens, lengthens & tones muscles & burns fat without the pounding of a high-impact workout! Based on the psychology of the brain and body working together Zen Hot Pilates will give your body and mind a total transformation. In these Power-Through series you'll get super effective workouts, efficient nutrition guides and mindset coaching that will help retrain the way you think so you can create more positive outcomes in life, both on and off the mat!

Do I have to start with a certain

No. Each series is stand-alone and can be done in any order.

How do I know which series
is right for me?

YOU GET ACCESS TO ALL 3! The main difference is the mindset focus, the equipment used and the frequency and length of the workouts.

Do I really need equipment?

Most moves can be modified for no equipment however modifications may not be given for series that use equipment. It is possible to get creative if equipment isn't available to you and I address that in each series.

Do I need social media?

No! I have done much research to find the perfect home for this amazing, positive and supportive community that we are building and I am happy to report it is off of social media. I respect if you don't want another distraction in your life so this platform is non-invasive, but still easily accessible on an app. It's guaranteed a place to go to and only be surrounded by positivity and other women that get IT.

Are these Series for me?

These series are made for high-vibe, high-level, ambitious women so... If you've been feeling stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated on your ambitious journey and you know self-care would be so valuable to you right now, but haven't been prioritizing it then these series' are for you! If you have been having trouble creating better habits and consistency and want your goals to start matching your actions then these series' are for you! If you have big dreams and want to create time, strength and energy to power-through limiting beliefs to achieve them, then these series' are for you!

Will I get access to the content
right away?

Yes everything is available immediately and on-demand so you can do it all anywhere, anytime that suits your needs.

When will I start seeing

Mindful workouts are proven to get better results! These fat burning, cardio igniting workouts, leave you feeling lighter, leaner, stronger and give you that sense of Zen we all crave! But even better...You'll start to see the positive changes in the way you look at your relationships, career, money, health... literally everything starts to change... And it all starts your first day on the mat!

Can I buy these programs

Yes, these series' are available all year long. The Momentum Challenges are held periodically.

How does the Momentum Group work?

This group is designed to jump-start your momentum with your Power-Through Series and comes with your 1 year access. It consists of monthly group Q&A coaching calls and other fun surprises. These are all held in a private group of other supportive, ambitious babes. Bonus, Periodic Momentum Challenges consist of 4 weeks of weekly group coaching calls

What if I don't have time to do the work?

99% of the ambitious, busy women that sign up have been able to stick to the schedule and complete all the content on their own time. The coaching videos average around 20mins and are audio based so listening them while on a walk or in your car is possible. The worksheets should take no longer than 10mins each. Establishing a wellness routine is always challenging and that is why this series has you covered with all the aspects you need to succeed.

Hear this


Anika went from
feeling stuck and unmotivated to working out 5 days a week and even going
on bike rides on her rest days! Anika began to live her life as her best self and that also meant giving up smoking.
She no longer sees working out as a way to just lose weight, but as a tool to feel good and do better in life. Her story and transformation from the inside out is so inspiring and I know so many can relate.

About Julia

Hey Zenhottie!

After graduating from college with a Bachelor's degree in International Business & Finance I embarked on my own personal wellness journey. 

For over 10 years I have studied self-development, mindfulness & meditation, Inferno Pilates - group fitness, postpartum corrective exercise, Reiki level 2, Kabbalah level 2, NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, TIME technique, Ziva meditation technique, Human design level 1, Life & Success Coaching. 

Maybe we haven't met, but if you're reading this I'm willing to bet we have a lot in common Zenhottie. That's why I'm so passionate about sharing tools for your ambitious, busy journey that will keep you vibin' as your best self, because if there's something I know for sure it's that YOU are your most valuable asset in life and in your business . 

My work allows you to slow down so you can go faster. It allows you to enjoy the journey and the process along the way so you not only get the results and success you want out of life, but also the joy and fulfillment (which is what truly matters).

Still have a question? 

Shoot us a message we'd love to help!


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